Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Saying Goodbye

We said goodbye to Ingrid on Monday night.

I had a meeting that evening so Patrick made dinner in my stead. He boiled a couple of the roosters and made his homemade biscuits to top chicken pot pit. Thomas made some VERY garlicky mashed potatoes to go on the side. Maggie made brownies. When I returned from my meeting I was happy to see everyone still enjoying themselves and was able to visit with Ingrid's parents.

It is sad to say goodbye.

We get very attached to the people who stay with us.

I told Mr. and Mrs. Pierce that we like our interns to stay a part of our life, even if they never come pull another weed. Working alongside another person is such a great opportunity for everyone to learn something, not just the intern. We are humbled at having a volunteer do our dirty work. We are humbled at having someone else take interest in our lifestyle.

Ingrid will now get ready to get back to her real job, teaching. Her students are blessed. She dreams of applying some of what she learned right away, planting a fall garden. She would like to acquire some chickens, just a handful, and eventually have a couple or three goats to milk. She can do it!

I would like to send her a blessing:

May your weeds always pull up thoroughly by the roots, may your goats stand sweetly while you milk, and may the manure that comes your way enrich the soil of your life so that you bear much fruit!

Thank you Ingrid. You have blessed us richly. I hope we will get to share many more meals with you through all the different seasons. I hope your hard-earned calluses and muscles serve you will this fall!

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Ingrid said...

Oh Ginger, thank you! That was the most unique and beautiful blessing I've ever received.

I miss you all and the goats and the bright stars, writing here from my visit to the DC metropolis.

God bless.