Thursday, August 13, 2009

Golden Glow

I am grateful to be forced to go out and milk Coco at night.

It gives me the opportunity to be still outside as the sun goes down. The sky changes from blue to pink to purple. As the evening draws near and the creamy white milk streams into the pail the farm is suddenly washed with a golden glaze. The crazy volunteer sunflowers glow in the garden against the green of the woods across the stream. Maggie's flower garden filled with zinnias and cosmos looks like a painting by the masters. Somehow even our rag tag yard looks magical and romantic cast in the light of the setting sun.

Kids fight. Dishes clang. Goats maa and guineas squawk. Steady stream of milk and soft brown Coco flank offer me a moment of meditation and peace. The golden glow washes over me as I think of my dear friend Becky and her daughter Brooke and Brooke's siblings. I hope that they find a moment of beauty in the middle of the very hard battle they are fighting right now. So many people have their battles. Life is hard. Beauty doesn't fix everything but for some reason it feels like a real big hug to me.

Be sure and go outside somewhere and look for some beauty. It is out there. I pray God will keep us mindful of the gift of beauty. May it be a brief respite for all of us in the middle of our battles.


CountryDew said...

Lovely thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Ginger, as usual your words are so perfect to describe what you are seeing. I can see all of that so clearly even tho we are back home here in Texas in the heat and dry. We were very happy tho to see that we had gotten 1 1/4 inch of rain here at home this week. We thank the Lord for that. It is a different beauty here than there in those beautiful mountains but we were certainly happy to see the hills of Texas this afternoon as we drove in home.

Beth said...

Again, beautiful writing, Ginger and a wonderful reminder of beauty in the everyday. May God bless Becky and Brooke and their family. said...

Thanks, gals!