Thursday, August 6, 2009

August Rains

It is raining again this morning.

The morning woke up dark and still. Even at 6:30 all was dark. Seems like inklings of fall. 60 degrees.

Weird. I know we still have a long way to go until we get to fall but there is something in the way the sun shines and air feels that tells me summer is drawing to an end. I hope she doesn't rear back her head and blast us with dragon's fire, just to spite us for the nice cool weather we have enjoyed.

The kids and I had a great time pulling weeds yesterday.

At least I had a great time pulling weeds and when they finally got into the rhythm they stopped complaining and I enjoyed it even more. We worked and worked and watched the sky darken. Purple blue clouds filled the valley. Echoes of thunder boomed their way to us from points yonder. We mulched pumpkins. We mulched cucumbers. We picked tomatillos. We hoped to plant onions and turnips and carrots. We didn't get that far. Sky turned grey green, the temperatures dropped. Weeping willow turned her leaves up to the sky, giving us a silvery warning.

All of a sudden the electricity in the air changed. Fussy children grew animated. Roosters crowed. Dogs ran into the house to hide. Boom! Crack! Blow! We ran into the house, not to hide, but to watch the storm from the safety of our screened in deck.

Late summer thunderstorms are one of my favorite things. Streaking lightening, sheets of rain make me feel small. In a good way. After the past years of drought we are rejoicing in green pastures and full pond.

Well, the rain also makes for amazing weeds. But they aren't really that hard to pull out of the ground. And even with all the complaining, I get the sense that the kids really do enjoy working and talking together out in the garden. But I bet they'll never admit it! Maybe today we will get the green beans mulched. After we muck out the barn.

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Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

That big storm knocked three trees down on the overhang roof on my tobacco shed. I had just thrown some hay down for the horses and they came running over to get out of the rain. By the time I ran back to the barn and came out the other side, the horses were all standing huddled by the fence staring at the crashed roof! I don't know how none of us got hurt! At first I thought, oh no, what bad luck! Now we have to fix the roof! Then I realized this was actually good luck. We just missed it. Everyone's okay. Someone said I have an angel looking over me.

I'm going to tell myself my daughter is going to enjoy helping me weed tomorrow!