Thursday, July 23, 2009

Welcome New Friends!

My friend Julie from Charlotte got in this afternoon. Tagging along were her children Alan, Emily and two new friends, foster kids from Ethiopia, Eyayu and Tsegaw. Eyayu and Tsegaw are with the Webbs for the summer and we are praying that soon they will have a forever family. Those fellows are 10 years old and have already found a place in our heart. Right now Patrick is playing with them out in the yard. I think the play involves running, laughing and pointing out objects to learn the Amharic and English words. I do believe that Patrick has the gift of languages.

We got to eat injera (a sourdough flat bread) with a spicy lentil stew. Yum.

Smiles on the farm come in so many flavors. I love it!


Jeff said...

I learn the most interesting things on your blog! Injera - I put that into a search engine and learned more about it. Made from teff cereal - never heard of it. Did Julie bring the bread along or can you buy it in the Roanoke area? Or did you make it with ingredients that Julie brought along? It isn't quite like sourdough bread, since you add yeast to the recipe and let it ferment for two days before baking on a hot griddle. Interesting, very interesting! Thanks! said...

Hi Jeff! I am glad to hear you are learning something! Julie brought it here from an Ethiopian store in Charlotte. I hope to learn to make it someday, especially if/when these boys become family. What she brought is made from barley and teff. Grey. Not terribly beautiful. She made the stew stuff with tomatoes, onions and the red lentil powder. I used the lentil powder, spiced with cayenne and who knows what else to coat the eggplant I fried to go along with the fried chicken and french fries we had for supper. It was so good. We are having fun.