Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday, Maggie!

In real world we celebrated Maggie's birthday right on time. Cyberworld is a little late this month.

Maggie was born 12 years ago on July the 2nd. A very hot morning in Fort Worth, Texas. Our first daughter/third child.

We were restoring an old historical home in Ft Worth when Maggie came into the picture. Figured we would live there forever on our tree-lined avenue, big backyard, pecan tree, fish pond, nice neighbors, french doors, 4th of July parade.

Never dreamed that sweet baby Maggie would one day be in charge of the goat operation here at Full Circle Farm. That her tiny little fingers would glide over piano keys, wield pencil to make such whimsical portraits, and milk four goats every morning.

I had no doubt that she would be able to accomplish whatever her sweet little heart desired. Even so, it is amazing to stand back and watch her grow.

Maggie is not the first to speak in a group. She watches. She listens. When she does speak, pay attention! It probably is worth hearing.

She is a very loyal friend. She loves to read. She loves to cook. She can make pretty much anything she wants to in the kitchen. For her birthday party she invited some girlfriends over, they made homemade birthday cake, homemade lemon curd to fill the cake, and some homemade sour hard candy just for fun. Then they played out by the creek. The other day she made freshly milled whole wheat chocolate chip cookies to sell at the farmer's market. They were sold in a flash!

Maggie's closer friends are also hardworking farm girls. These gals really do amaze me. They have strong bodies, clear heads, and a very healthy sense of humor. I should not neglect to mention that Maggie also has a gift in the field of cosmetology. She gives an amazing makeover. I love it when she gives me a pedicure and makeover. Hmm. I am taking a look at my toes and think I better make an appointment with her this week. With the strong hands she has from milking goats she could get a job as a masseuse ANYWHERE!

Another thing that amazes me about Maggie is her great computational skills. She whizzes through her math lessons with virtually no help from poor mom. She would like to be a vet someday. An artist vet. I think she will have no trouble getting through the college courses it would take to be a vet or a people doctor. She is calm. Clear headed. Seems to have a special instinct when it comes to treating sick animals.

We have one more year til the big teens. This year Maggie grew old enough to drink a cup of coffee with the family. She is tall and lovely. We have our occasional disagreements. All necessary to help her develop skills in conflict management and relationship building. I am proud of her and love watching her grow. Wish it didn't have to happen so quickly! Please slow down a little, calendar. Before you know it she will be long gone. And won't I miss her then! In the meantime, I better schedule a pedicure, AFTER the barn is cleaned.


Holly said...

there is no birthday gift lovelier than an eloquently written birthday blog post by ginger hillery! maggie is lucky to have a wonderful mom.

on an unrelated note, i came across this today and thought it might interest you.

Fran said...

Maggie does indeed have a very special mom to write such beautiful words. So do the rest of the clan.
Glad you are back online Ginger, we have missed your words.
love Mom