Thursday, July 30, 2009


Our intern and friend Ingrid has a blog some of you may enjoy. It is called Open Eyes. Ingrid is a teacher of creative writing, violin and theology. Some of her friends have a hard time believing she would want to come to the farm and do hard stinking labor on a volunteer basis. I think they would have a hard time believing she would want to come and work for money!

It is such a joy to have Ingrid on the farm. I am very grateful for her hard work. Summer duties are endless. Having an extra set of hands is a part of sustainability. Not to mention the benefits our family gains by being around such a terrific, smart and funny gal. We have been very blessed to enjoy some amazing young people. I guess at 25 she is definitely not THAT young, even if the kids have asked Ingrid what she wants to be when she grows up. It is fun knowing that even though we are baby farmers with little experience, we still have something to offer others. Even the kids get to participate in the process of teaching Ingrid about stuff like milking the goats and processing chickens.

If you check out her blog you will enjoy another facet of farm life written very eloquently by Ingrid. A different perspective. Along with a few pictures. Here is her link:


Tom Atkins said...

I'll go visit

Ross said...

It's great to hear that you have such great help. I absolutely love reading your updates from the farm. I promise a longer visit than last time! Here's to a visit in the fall, where I'll bring some good wine and pay you back for all the wonderful food you sent me away with last time.
-Ross said...

We will be so happy to see you this fall, Ross.

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