Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It snowed last night. We woke up to a white farm. The dogs yipped with glee as they ran outside. The kids yipped with glee as they spent 45 minutes rounding up the right clothing to do chores then play outside. Like so many other fleeting pleasures, the snow did not stick around for long.

Our friend Rachel is back to stay with us for awhile. We are so happy to see her face again. Philip has been working on what was originally a small milk processing room. It used to be our trash barn. He has insulated it, painted it, and put in a wood floor. This afternoon he found a teeny little woodstove at a consignment shop and worked on getting it installed. We hope the little room will be a cozy place for Rachel to hang out when a noisy family of seven gets a little too noisy!

Tonight Nora accompanied Rachel to put up the goats. It was very dark and windy when they returned to the house. Nora commented that she couldn't see the moon at all. It was so dark it couldn't be a full moon. She told Rachel that the moon must be at someone else's house tonight. I hope they are enjoying it!


One Day At A Time said...

;) I love it-the beauty of a child's wisdom...I can't wait for Macy to be old enough to voice those kinds of thoughts! And I am certain that whosever house the moon is visiting tonight is reveling in it.

CountryDew said...

The snow was nice while it lasted. We need so much more of it, though.