Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Night

Things are kinda quiet on the farm. Well, sort of. The dogs are outside and barking like crazy at shadows in the light of the brightening moon. Kids and Philip are out on special mission, getting ready for mom's birthday! For some reason, I was inspired to clean out the freezer of our fridge this morning. Procrastinating some other chore, I'm sure. The pigs were happy to receive a big bunch of goodies from Thomas, stuff unrecognizable any longer. I found some old chicken feet and bones and was inspired to make a huge pot of chicken stock.

Am enjoying the evening, pressure canning quarts of stock, doing laundry, reading a book in between, listening to a best of Emmylou Harris album downloaded from ITunes for an early birthday present to myself. Eating a grass-fed roundsteak fried up in butter with some of my birthday curry powder from Julie. In front of a nice fire. Ahhh. Here's to multi-tasking!


Tom Atkins said...

That is a kind of multitasking I could get used to. Sounds like a pleasant night indeed!

CountryDew said...

Sounds very pleasant. And Happy Birthday, again. I hope you enjoyed your trek on the AT.