Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today is my birthday!

This morning the family showered me with pretty little cards and gifts and then Philip and the children took me on a hike. Just what I wanted! We made fairy houses in the little mouse house that lies in the base of a tree trunk on the Appalachian Trail headed to Dragon's Tooth. We remembered our family hikes along that trail when Rose was only a year old or so, and Maggie was not even 5. We would look down at the valley and dream and wish that we could live on a farm down there.

We slid in the leaves, oohed and ahhed at the colors. Patrick dug up a little sassafrass root for all of us to taste. I got to have an extended lunch with a friend over a Japanese Bento box. A nice cup of coffee. Early supper with Philip and the kids. I didn't cook a single meal. When we got home in time for the ladies to come over for Bible study, I was so surprised to see balloons and red and pink ribbons and all sorts of decorations the children used to make a festive party. Maggie made a 2 layer cake from scratch. It was delicious. Pound cake with strawberries and icing and lots and lots of candles, and of course the kind that don't blow out!

I am grateful for this family. They make me feel loved.

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sweetflutterbys3 said...

Happy Birthday (a little late)!! It sounds like you had a nice one.