Monday, October 27, 2008


I have a wonderful friend named Julie. We have been friends since we met in church in NJ, and are still friends, even though she lives in Charlotte and we live here. Her children are like cousins to our children. They have known each other for most of their whole lives.

Julie came bearing gifts for the farm and the farmer yesterday! For the farmer, a basket of incredible spices from Penzeys. At least 6 or 7 different types of curry powders, seasoning for sate, special paprika, unusual cinnamon. My nose is still in shock from sniffing so many pungent powders. Julie helped me cut up lots of ripe tomatoes to make two different curries and a special marinara. I wish I could imbed a smell chip into this blog like some people attach videos and photos!

For the farm, a lovely Jacob ewe. I named her Ophelia. I don't know why. She looks like Ophelia to me. What a gift. She is beautiful, with the most incredible wool. She is due a shearing immediately. I can't wait to introduce Boaz to his new bride. I think they will make amazing babies! And amazing yarn.

Some people suggest I add photos to this blog.


Not going to happen. You will have to use your imagination, and imagine a lovely ewe, lavender spotted wool, black nose, dark eyes, a little timid, two strong black horns curving toward her back. Cute little stick legs, like a sheep on Wallace and Gromit. Or just come by for a visit!


One Day At A Time said...

Personally, I like your word-pictures just as well or better! There's something about letting one's mind imagine that makes reading enjoyable...and WELCOME, Ophelia! Hope I get to meet her next week!

CountryDew said...

I enjoy your words and you do a great job of description. And since I live not so far away it's not hard to imagine... though I confess a picture just every once in a while....

Tom Atkins said...

Lavender spotted wool? Sounds devine! Yes, I have my mental picture, probably richer than a photograph could ever be, in the same way a book is always richer than the movie.