Monday, October 20, 2008

The Frost is on the pumpkins, or at least it would be if we had any pumpkins this year.

Saturday night was our first big frost. It was 28 degrees when I checked Sunday morning. It got even colder last night. I covered up a couple of peppers and tomatoes with a blanket. Somehow I didn't have it in me to thoroughly protect all the plants, like the green beans and the majority of the tomatoes. Summer gardening is officially over. I was too pooped to think about picking green beans when I finished up with work on Saturday evening. Too bad. The dragon tongues were loaded. I was able to rescue a few that remained unscathed by the frost. Enough for lunch. The pigs are enjoying the rest of the mushy frozen beans and plants.

It is time for cold weather to hit here in the Blue Ridge. Hard for this Texas gal to be ready for it!

One picture of grace: our figs, planted on the south side of the chicken house are still covered with almost mature fruit. Only the tips of the outer leaves were damaged. We will enjoy a few more luscious figs if the days warm up a little. What a treat.

This weather makes the children and I start talking about stews. And pots of beans with cornbread. And spicy eggplant parmigian. I start to drink way too much coffee to stay warm. Better switch to tea. And consider making time for a field trip to McAfee's Knob to work off some calories!

Coming soon, my top 10 list of favorite garden plants I will definitely plant again next year.

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Tom Atkins said...

Just Saturday I was talking to my young son about effects of the first hard frost, and how one of the things I like about this part of the country is the four distinct seasons, and here is your post illustrating the same thing so well. In talking to him, I also talked about stews, and how I love them. Tis the season, for sure!