Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Okay-the moon is REALLY full tonight!

Victor is sleeping in Coco's room in the barn for his visit. I have been milking Coco on a concrete area in the yard by our back door. She is such a good girl. It has been nice being outside for milking time. Tonight I watched the full moon rise as I milked. I couldn't believe how quickly it moved up the night sky. There was no circle of light surrounding the moon this evening.

It was a very hot day today! We had temperatures in the 80s. The children caught a few guinea keats. They gathered hickory nuts. They took grapes off stems so I could make jelly. They played with our friends, Sofie, Boone and Meck. The girls had piano lessons, thanks to our wonderful teacher, Ashley, who comes to our house once a week. My friend Rachel and I skinned tomatoes and mushed grapes and talked about important things and occasionally told kids to go back outside and work out their own disputes, as long as there was no blood.

I was in a bad mood today. Politics. Paperwork. People. Didn't see the margin for having friends come over but had them come anyway. I am glad they did. We mudddled through, together. We were designed to live our life together with other people. Even when the laundry doesn't get finished when we want, or when our moods aren't sweet.

Thank you God for full moons and full lives, full of friends and goodness, despite the fact our world is in a mess. May we all work together to make it better.

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CountryDew said...

Politics will get you every time.