Monday, July 28, 2008

You Say Potato

We have been happily digging up potatoes. There really isn't much digging to be done. We pull off the old straw mulch, yank on the potato plant and lo and behold- the miracle of big, smooth, golden potatoes, waiting to be cuddled up into shirt tails with a few other perfect specimens and carried into the kitchen for a gentle bath. Braised potatoes with garlic and rosemary are nice. Mashed with dill. Sauteed with onions and fresh green beans. I guess we could think about potato salad, baked potatoes with butter and salt and pepper, hashbrowns, potatoes with onions, peppers and sausage. We rarely eat potatoes here. I buy 20lbs a year or so. But when they come right out of the garden--look out! We plant more and more each year, thinking they will last for months.

They don't.

Maybe this year we will ration. Be reasonable in our potato consumption. I mean, don't we all want some lovely potato gratin with garlic, gruyere and cream for Thanksgiving? Some creamy potato soup on a cold winters night? We can always try for restraint.

Meanwhile, I better go get a few and put them on to boil for some mashed potatoes to go alongside our roast chicken and fresh green beans. Wonder if I can get anyone to skim the cream to make some butter before supper?


CountryDew said...

Maybe you could hide some away in the cellar and rediscover them in November.

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

Yummy. You have some great ideas for potatoes. You gave me a great zucchini recipe on my blog. Now tell me, how do I know when my potatoes are ready to pick? We planted sweet potatoes for the first time. said...

Hide is the key word, and I think I will do just that!

Debi-I consulted with my green thumb sister, Terri, who is my ultimate garden mentor, on the sweet potatoes. I have never grown them. She says they are better if you let them grow til fall. Everywhere the vine touches down and sends out a root a tuber will develop. They like a long long growing time. Regular potatoes are ready to pick when the plant starts to die down. BUT, you can pick little baby potatoes anytime, and not disturb the rest of the gang by gently digging around the perimeter of your potato plant.

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

Thank you for the info!

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