Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Peaches and Cream

The peaches are ripening. Thomas and I went out to pick a big tub today. They are beautiful. Thomas diligently picked up the blemished ones to give to Barbie 2. I sliced up a big 3 gallon bowlful and added succanat. They will be made into jam this evening or tomorrow. We are eating the other ones and I am deciding on whether to make frozen peaches or peach and pepper jelly, or peach pie.

Thomas cored and sliced many more pounds of our friends' June apples. I think he and I are going to can apple pie filling. The jars are in the dishwasher being sterilized. The laundry still sits in baskets waiting. Maggie is picking broccoli and cleaning goat stalls. Philip and Patrick are fixing fence for the meat chickens. Nora is playing. Rose is visiting with a friend in town. I am going to ask Maggie and Nora to skim cream and make butter. We have chevre making and yogurt making. Goat business being conducted by email.

I don't have anything against laundry, personally. I enjoy folding it and putting it away. It is a nice zen-like task. You just can't eat it.


Lindsy said...

If you love At the Back of the North Wind, try Phantastes!! I loved AtBotNW, but Phantastes is still my favorite MacDonald (and one of my favorite pieces of literature). It's a more complex story line with real jewels weaved through it.


CountryDew said...

You are incredibly busy! I envy your ability to make a living off your place, though, and not to have to go to Kroger so often!

gingerhillery@mac.com said...

Lindsy: I did enjoy Phantastes! Still prefer BotNW, for some reason, some of the story really rang true for me. I think because I found it during of time of loss and grief. Some of the book is dreadfully difficult to get through. Product of the times. Needed some revision! Good stuff nevertheless. I loved getting a glimpse of the inspiration behind CS Lewis's and Tolkiens work. Did you read Lilith? Very surreal. I liked it too. Especially enjoy reading MacDonald's fairy tales aloud to the kids. They are surprisingly contemporary, hilarious and thought-provoking. But don't get me started on literary analysis! I have to get to bed so I can make whole wheat pound cake for the farmers market in the morning! Ginger