Sunday, July 6, 2008


Last night we had a nice dinner out on the deck. At 9pm. It was a great vegetarian feast. Mashed potatoes. Green beans. Broccoli. Bread. AND the first really big mess of summer squash. We have been getting a zucchini here, or one yellow squash there. But last night I had a basketful to bring in to the kitchen. There are many fabulous ways to prepare squash. Raw in a salad or on a pizza. Stuffed italian style. Fried up with cornmeal batter. Stir-fried. Ratatouille. But the first big mess of squash calls out for simple preparation designed to showcase the very essence of yellow squash. Heat a large iron skillet. Add a nice lump of butter. When it is nice and sizzly, toss in squash, sliced into thin sun-like rounds, maybe throw in one zucchini for color contrast. A pinch of sea salt and nothing more. No basil. No onions. Save those for the next time. The smell of butter and carmelizing squash fills the air. Fingers get burned as the cook decides that delayed gratification is for the birds. Squash. Sweet, buttery, just barely salty, tender little discs of summery sunshine. Welcome to July!

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