Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pork Chops!

I forgot to mention the other day that we are now in the pork.

Monday I drove to West Virginia to pick up our meat from the butcher. We had the pork processed with USDA inspection so we can legally sell some of it. We fried up pork chops for supper that night. Sausage for breakfast the next day.

We LOVE to eat pork. We were really missing pork. I am grateful to get the chance to be hungry for certain foods. It makes me so much more appreciative.

We have been out of red meat for some time. Months. I want a big fat juicy ribeye, medium rare. Each morning I take a look at the steers and they look huge. I think I am ready to schedule an appointment with the butcher for one of those big guys. Would it be too much to think of having chicken and duck and pork and beef in the freezer? Would we be too spoiled? I know we would be GRATEFUL. What a generous creator, giving us so many wonderful things to eat on the farm.

BTW, the peach jam turned out to be peach syrup. I quit cooking it about 10 degrees too soon. Jam has to reach aproximately 220 degrees F. At 210 degrees I gave up. Oh well. It is really yummy syrup. Maybe I should give in and use powdered pectin next time to ensure the gel.

Tomorrow Philip and I head to UVA for a scheduled cardioversion. He is in atrial fibrillation and we hope that the cardioversion will convert him into normal heart rhythm. I will take a couple of books and wait and read while he has his procedure. Kids will all hang out with friends. Let's hope that all the animals cooperate and don't decide to take another Friday excursion!!! Keep you posted.

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CountryDew said...

I think an abundance of food for the winter is not such a bad thing. Enjoy your meat!