Sunday, March 23, 2008

Holy Week still continues, or humility is a virtue

Butchering chickens and ducks and having seven children to watch over and feed is not conducive to clean house.  So it makes sense that if you are going to have drop in guests, it will never take place on Saturday morning after the typical Friday afternoon house clean up, but will always take place on the Saturday morning after butchering chickens and ducks and having seven children to watch over and feed.  

We were thrilled to have our friend, Sean and his friends from Hillsdale College drop over Saturday morning for a quick visit.  We miss him so much.  Glad that he considers us friends he can drop in on, no matter how short the notice.  I almost had him talked into staying for a couple of extra hours to help castrate Mousse, Coco's bull calf.  (Mousse, as in chocolate mousse, not moose as in moose).  Unfortunately for all of us, except Mousse, that is, Sean and his pals had to run.

Our friend Laura came over to help with farm stuff for a few hours.  We cleaned kitchen, then headed to the garden.  More peas planted, spinach, arugula, lettuce and radish.  So much promise.  Good stuff to come.  Sometimes it is hard to envision the harvest stage of gardening when all you see is a teeny indentation in the ground where a seed has been thrust.  

I was thinking about death as I planted seeds.  My Aunt Stella died a few days ago.  The father of our friend, John, is nearing death.  Easter would not be; without death.  I am very thankful that God gives us ways to experience all the aspects of life via nature.  The trees were "dead" for months.  Their buds are proof of new life.  The garden looks pretty dead right now.  July will be a different story (I hope!)  

Easter gives us the ultimate lesson about new life and all of nature offers up practical application and illustration.  There is hope.  There is more to life than meets the eye.  Even when things are dark, there is a new day coming.  

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