Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!!

Yesterday, Maggie's goat, Portia, had FOUR babies.  I know this does occur occasionally, but we were really surprised.  They are tiny little things.  The runt of the litter was not thriving last night, so Maggie milked out some of Portia's colostrum and fed the baby with a basting syringe.  She is so patient and kind.  Definitely gifted in animal caretaking.  Baby immediately perked up.  We tried to put him with his mom and siblings today, but she pushed him into a corner and would not let him eat.  Hard core survival of the fittest.  So Maggie is feeding him and we'll see how he does.  He looks like a toy.  

Today was a glorious spring day.  Sunny, 70 degrees.  The peach tree is starting to bloom.  Buds are swelling on the cherry trees.  We planted lots and lots and lots of vidalia onions.  Tomorrow will be more peas and hopefully a few more rows of spinach and maybe we can find some potatoes.  I love to plant garden by the moon signs.  It truly does work.  My grandfather always swore by it.  HOWEVER, I have to choose a different tactic most years.  When the opportunity arises, I run out and plant as much as possible and pray for rain to water it in.

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hollywould said...

oh, cherry tree blossoms. when they come out, have a sushi picnic under them for me!