Sunday, March 23, 2008

Holy Week continues

My dear friend, and fellow chicken fiend, Julie, arrived for a visit on Wed, kids in tow.  "Do you have any chickens or roosters you want to kill?" she asks.  "Could you please teach me how to eviscerate a chicken?"

Well, here at Full Circle Farm, we love to share the wealth of information we are gathering bit by bit through the school of life.  So we call up all our other chicken owning friends.  Ask if they have old cantankerous excess roosters to contribute to the cause.  Believe it or not, two friends volunteer some roosters.  We catch two of our extra male ducks.  Evisceration 101 went exceedingly well.  Ms. Julie can now gut chickens with the best of us.  

What a crazy life.  Never would I have imagined 3 years ago that I would know how to gut a chicken, let alone that my friend, Julie, would want to learn how, or that I would have a circle of friends I could call with such a crazy request for a Friday afternoon, or that any of them would have agreed.  Crazy.  Plucking chickens and ducks outside with a friend in the warm sunshine is a pretty cool way to spend an afternoon.  

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