Wednesday, January 25, 2012


The other day I got an email from my former milk customer who bought Coco's heifer, Dulce. She had a baby girl! Can you believe little Dulce, remember Dulce and Carmelita? She is now a mamma cow!

Then Rachel told me that Priscilla had her baby! Priscilla went to live with Mr. Hill, next door to the Thomas's.

A couple of weeks ago David sent me a picture of Coco and Mary and the two sheep. I wanted to cry.

Their son was combing the wool of one of the lambs and their daughter was cuddled up next to Mary, the heifer, in their beautiful green pasture.

Such a sweet picture. How could I be sad, thinking of those animals being loved so dearly by our former milk customers???

Dave told me he hoped to get Coco bred soon.

I wondered if she might already be bred, and if so, when would that surprise baby arrive? Well, this evening I got a picture of the surprise baby! A beautiful little heifer, just like her big sisters, Mary and Carmelita. Duncan sure did a good job! And so did Coco.

I marvel when I remember back to that day I bought Coco and baby Priscilla, not knowing the slightest thing about cows. How we learned to milk. To make cheese and butter and yogurt. How so many people were able to drink such a wonderful harvest off the grass of our farm.

And now, several of those folks who enjoyed our milk have learned to take care of their own cows and are learning to milk and will begin to learn to make butter and cheese and yogurt and be educated about mastitis and good hay and pasture, turning their grass into good food.


Life is rich, isn't it?

PS I will be getting my 3 gallons of raw milk and pint of cream, butter and some buttermilk from my farmer Sally tomorrow. So thankful for her and her cows...


Beth said...

I know it must be so satisfying to know that the cows and sheep that provided for your family are still being loved and petted and appreciated. And are providing all that good, fresh milk for hungry families!

Just wanted to let you know that I'm praying for you and your family as you adjust to the big changes in your life. God bless you, Ginger.

Redhen said...

I've been wondering if you knew that the cow Phyllis bought had calved. I noticed the calf probably shortly after it was born. It looks pretty and healthy. Do you want a picture?

Green World said...

Just thinking of fresh cheese being made from milk is enough to make my mouth water. My greatest pleasure in life when it comes to food is fresh cheese on freshly baked bread - truly God's blessing.

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

I always wanted a cow. Kurt drinks so much milk. But then I realized I'd be in trouble after its milking days were over. I'd be feeding it for however long they live and have another pasture ornament on my hands! But nothing like fresh, raw milk!

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Thanks for the prayers, Beth! Can you tell I could use them?

Red Hen, I miss you. And of course I would LOVE a picture of Dulce and her baby! I thought of you and wanted to call when on the farm, but couldn't drop the paintbrush long enough to find a place where the stinking cell phone worked. Would rather have hung out with you and Don. Will call soon.

Green World, you are so right! Add a glass of wine and some friends or a friend in the form of a good book, even better!

Debi, what is wrong with pasture ornaments??? Oh yeah, they eat. A lot. Thinking of you as you settle in up in the garden state. Send me an email sometime and let me know how you are doing.

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Things are going great Ginger. Settling in here and just starting to write again! Trying to get some posts going so I can catch everyone up!

Anonymous said...

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