Sunday, July 3, 2011

We Dropped Off the Face of the Earth, Almost

After we processed sixty-nine chickens, said farewell to the Woolleys and went about madly on the farm, trying to get the wash done and the shopping finished and the gear loaded up, we piled into the truck, dogs included, and headed to our second favorite national park: Cape Lookout National Seashore.

It seemed foolish and crazy to dash to the beach when we have so very much to do. And yet we were exhausted, emotionally done in, and needed a rest. So we gathered our bedding and pots and pans and food and icechests and sunscreen and drove through the night to take the ferry to Portsmouth Island and Long Point cabins. Rustic fishing cabins with bunkbeds, a sink and stove and shower and not much else.

What else does one need if you have a cooler full of farm food, the sound behind you and the roaring surf of the Atlantic Ocean in front of you?

Will try to post soon. Wish to write about our last chicken processing day, the Woolley visit, the beach, the sunrises and sunsets and the sand that sparkled in the starry night. But now we are home and washing bedding and getting ready for our 6th Fourth of July party and preparing for the Open House this weekend, and thinking about what to pack and take to Texas and what can stay here.

More later.
PS Our favorite National Park is Big Bend National Park. Funny, but the two have much in common...

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