Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Fireflies are Almost Done With Their Dance

After days of sultry heat, we were thrilled to awaken to chilly weather.

This evening the air feels moist and cool and makes me think I will need a blanket in bed tonight. The sunset was beautiful this evening and Maggie and I enjoyed a walk together up the driveway to place the real estate sign. We both had to pause in the middle of the walk up the lawn when the fragrance from some sweet flower snuck up on us.

Milkweed? They are in full bloom. Such a sweet weed. I wonder if they are to blame for the snuffly noses?

After we placed the sign, I felt a bit strange. We have been listed for a little bit, but it was hard for me to place the sign. Makes it ever so real.

So we soak up Virginia and our sweet life here on the farm, knowing that big adventures await for us to the west. And I try to grab every moment I can to smell the flowers, feel the breeze, and watch the few remaining fireflies as they dance.


Anonymous said...

Chilly weather??? What is that?

Chris said...

Chilly here too, it looks like it will rain. I'll pull all the onions out of the ground today. I hope your move goes well.

Jayme said...

Oh Ginger, that last line pierced my heart. So bittersweet. Enjoy every single minute!