Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Very Favorite Thing

Tonight we had the biggest thunderstorm I have seen in ages.

The ominous blue sky turned to black, the wind whipped the trees on the ridge. The willow tossed her hair in anger and the hot sticky afternoon metamorphosed into electrical evening.

Crack. Boom. Flash.


We opened the doors, rushed from the back deck to the front porch, all of a sudden little differences set aside as we looked on, astonished at lightening that seemed to strike all around us.

Hail was thrown down from heaven, like little candies and trinkets thrown in a parade. The children ran out and grabbed it and aimed for me and each other. They ran around shouting "Hail!" and I laughed and asked them to quit cussing.

We ate our dinner on the deck, getting pelted occasionally with the rain. The kids begged to take our dinner inside, but I refused, forcing us to enjoy the meteorological excitement.

The storm subsided about the time I picked up tonight's chapter of To Kill a Mockingbird. It was so good, we had to read just one more. Now the peepers peep, the tree frogs whir, the bullfrog sends out his invitation and it is time to go to bed.

I don't know what I like more than an extended early summer thunderstorm.

What a nice treat.

Well, maybe a nice summer thunderstorm and dinner with all my children, sitting around the table, reading a good book together.

I think that is my very favorite thing in all the whole world.


Anonymous said...

What a great time with your family, a real memory maker.

Beth said...

We've had some impressive thunderstorms here, too, this summer, Ginger. Though I'll have to admit that I retreat inside when the lightning starts dancing nearby. I love the way the sound of the thunder echoes across the mountains and back.

And speaking of light, our fireflies this year have been utterly amazing. They fly both near the ground and high above the trees so that they look like stars. I wish I could capture them with my camera.

I love your kids shouting, "Hail!" That reminds me of when we visited a dam when the kids were younger and they pointed to it and did the same thing. So naughty... :-)

Tarot Reader said...

You're absolutely right! Thunderstorms are exhilarating because of the power they exhibit... and yet we're safe. It's a wonderful feeling.