Monday, September 7, 2009

Hay Making-Part 2

Brian Burrell came out to mow on Saturday morning.

This afternoon Brian raked and baled as we watched the sky.

Rain? Sun?

The weather has been kind of funny. Very dark this morning. Felt like late October. The air was dense. Not really cold. Not really warm. The sun didn't come out and shine until late in the afternoon.

Thankfully the rain held off and we got most of the bales in the barn. Some friends came by with a trailer and picked up a load for their barn as well. Thomas and Patrick had another class in Organic Driver's Ed. What huge grins! Thomas is definitely improving on the start up and slow down.

If the rain continues to hold off we hope to make more hay tomorrow. Thomas, Patrick and Maggie are praying for sunshine. They want some more driving opportunity.

Everyone has finished up their scrambled egg sandwiches for supper. Patrick is cutting up some Ikenberry peaches to put in the dehydrator. We have to finish a couple of outdoor chores. Philip wanted to do something special for the kids since they worked so hard today. They helped clean out the old milking parlor, the tractor shed and the usual barn mucking. Then we hauled hay.

What to do?

We then remembered the Blue Collar Joe's Late Night Special! From 8-9pm our very favorite place of indulgence offers half priced doughnuts. It has been several weeks since we had some of their treats.

Seemed like the perfect plan. Cheap, local, decadent. And the best part is we have several hundred more bales of hay to move around so none of us have to worry about the calories!

I better pour the milk. I wonder what doughnut I will get? Botetourt Bog? German Chocolate? Chocolate Cheesecake? Nutty Buddy?


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