Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Last night Philip and I had a team meeting.

Thomas made brownies yesterday afternoon around 4:30 and the kids ate the whole pan by 5:30 (with the exception of the two little pieces that I snagged). I was taking a walk around the farm when they scarfed down those treats. They were "Good For You Brownies" in that they were made with freshly milled spelt, succanat and real farm eggs. But I don't think it would qualify to be good for you if you ate the entire pan in one sitting.

So the kids had brownies and milk for supper.

They did chores, went to bed. Philip and I had Seedy Loaf bread cubed up, tossed with fresh tomatoes, fromage blanc (from Coco's milk), calamata olives and capers, saturated with balsamic vinegar, plenty of cracked pepper and sea salt. We took our little peasant meal out to the deck and discussed strategy, business, money, God and kids. We had to each get a long sleeve flannel shirt on as the cool breeze picked up. Last day of August and we needed a sweater--guess we aren't in Texas are we?

The bread salad was yummy. As we covered some topics that needed to be discussed we watched the three musketeers (little lambs) frolic and bounce. The moon rose over the ridge. It is past the half full state. Full moon is coming. The chickens and ducks discussed their own business as they settled in for the night.

Earlier in the day Philip and I talked about trying for a date. Things didn't work out for us to go out on the town. Never mind. A date on the deck was just as nice. Way cheaper, too! Guess it was a good thing that the kids ate all those brownies and didn't need supper...

We didn't solve all the problems of the world but we do believe that we have some strategies that will help us move into fall on the farm. We both are very positive that the farm is exactly where we are supposed to be.

Team meetings. Peasant food. Moon rising. Farm animals going to bed.

Of course, the reality of the evening was upon us and Philip and Thomas had to go change a tire on the suburban, I had to go clear the table and hit the sack for the early morning. But everything felt a lot better knowing we were on the same page.

PS On my walk around the farm I saw so many varieties of wildflowers. Amazing. Brilliant blue lobelia, stick weed, Queen Anne's lace, Black-eyed Susans, jewel weed, cardinal flower and many more I can't name. Patrick went out and picked me a bouquet of the cardinal flower and the lobelia. Stunning. Each of the flowers are so fantastic. The jewel weed looks like orchids. The weeds are high right now. As I strode through the overgrown section of pasture I disturbed a quail. Was grateful for all the habitat we have available for birds. Wonderful. Please go take a walk and look at your weeds. If you examine them closely you might be surprised at their beauty.


CountryDew said...

It is always good to touch base and know you're on the same page. Sometimes it is so easy for things to change and you not even know it.

Beth said...

Oh my, you are so fortunate to have so many native wildflowers---I especially love blue lobelia and cardinal flower. We do have a few wildflowers here on our little 3.7 acres, but I'm afraid quite a few are invasives, like spotted knapweed. I hate to admit it, but I really love spotted knapweed. It attracts so many honeybees!

Everybody should eat brownies and milk for supper once in a while.

Jeff said...

I love how you are able to render the most prosaic events in such wonderful prose! Have you seen any all-black wooly bears? When you said that the last day of August warranted a sweater, I thought of a blog post that I had read that mentioned all black wooly bears, which, according to the Farmer's Almanac, are a sign of a long, cold winter. That, and seeing the yellow jackets make nests in the ground.