Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Random Review

A great deal of schoolwork has taken place on the deck, sprawled on pillows, soaking up sunshine as we read about the renaissance. Due to chilly nights, our house stays cool during the morning. Not cool enough for a fire. ("Yes it is!" says Rose) But not exactly cozy.

The garden is growing. We had a lovely salad for supper last night alongside some homemade pizza. Food options are definitely improving. The freezer is empty of chicken but not for long. We plan on butchering in a week and a half. Nora is happy about that. She loves chicken. The freezer is pretty much empty of pork as well. I just called in an appointment for our two hogs to be butchered in three weeks. Patrick will be happy about that. He loves pork chops.

Ducks are still sitting on eggs. We are still waiting on ducklings. A watched duck nest never hatches. Or something like that. One of the hens is going broody so we will move her out to the barn to hopefully hatch out some chicks.

It is lunch time. Time for sun therapy and stories. I guess we will move out to the garden afterwards for character building 101. "Do not give up when the going gets rough."

Or guided meditation. "Think about the circle of life. Lowly weed thrown onto compost becomes rich fertile soil."

Or physical education. "Bend, pull, throw. Come on, sweat a little! Make those muscles work for you!"

PS The snowball bush is no longer in bloom. The irises are near their end. The rose bush by the road is covered in buds. Poker plant is sending up its red hot poker blooms. Baby plums and peaches are about the size of my thumb. Time to thin.


Tom Atkins said...

Me, I'll go for the guided meditation of gardening. It really IS like meditation, isn't it? said...

Hi Tom. I think there may be no better place for meditation than out in the garden. Hope you get to have a nice one in your new home!

CountryDew said...

It sounds like a really lovely week and a perfect life. said...

Perfect if you make sure and include bickering, hormones, a fight or two, making up, forgiveness, financial stress, broken down tractor in the middle of mowing, dust, dirty clothes, dirty bathroom, etc, etc! Actually, I think it is pretty perfect! At least pretty real!