Sunday, May 31, 2009

Are You My Mother?

Two of the ducklings hatched out this week.

Our friend, Laura, took one of the ducklings to her school to share with her little students. Laura and the little ducky became fast friends in their two days together. When she returned it to its mommy the little duck quacked and squeaked and chased after Laura, trying to follow her!

I am sure it didn't take too long for the duck to remember his or her true identity. This morning we saw mama duck taking her little ones out for a stroll to the pond. I sure hope they survive the turtles. The other ducks are still sitting on their eggs.

Perhaps in a day or two the other ducklings will hatch out of their shells. We can hear them cheeping even before they hatch! What a miracle.


Beth said...

Oh my goodness...I find it just amazing that you can hear the ducks cheeping while they are still in the egg! What a wonder!

By the way, I really liked your description in the previous post of a coming thunderstorm. Perfect. said...

Hi Beth! It is a wonder. The mystery of growing life amazes me.

One Day At A Time said...

i hope that little duck is doing well! i became quite attached. the children were SOOO enthralled by it and couldn't seem to get enough. what a miracle. :)