Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sense Memory

This morning the air is moist. The birds are singing. I saw the sheep drowsily leaving the barn a few minutes ago.

Something about the way the earth smelled and the air felt on my skin made me remember early mornings in May in New Jersey. Getting Rose and Nora buckled into the double stroller. Asking the kids to hurry and grab their backpacks. Wait, get your snack! No, you don't need a jacket today. There goes the train, we know we need to head down the sidewalk right as the train rumbles commuters toward the city if we don't want to jog the whole mile.

Did we use to live in the suburbs? The memory is so subtle, I wonder if it is just a dream.

Was there a time we didn't milk the goats and the cow? Did we ever have to go to the store for such ever-present things like milk and eggs and butter and cream and yogurt?


Anyway, guess what? Tarkheena, our year old ewe, born in the woods last spring, birthed a little girl yesterday morning. Perfect little Jacob spots. So tiny and lovely. Lucy, Tarkheena's half sister, was behaving very strangely last night. She usually doesn't hang out with Boaz, but he wouldn't leave her side. I was pleased to see him be so protective of her. We put her in a stall, just in case her time of delivery is near. No babies yet this morning. Maybe this afternoon? Is she going to make us wait?

Patrick reminded me that when the oak leaves are as big as a squirrel's ear it is time to plant the corn. He assured me that it is time. Philip tilled up some more rows for me. The farmer's almanac assures me that tomorrow is a great planting day. The paper assures me that rain is coming. On Sunday night the moon was a thin, porcelain bowl. Both sides tipped up. My Oklahoma farming grandpa always said that when the moon was a bowl, it would hold all the rain up. You would never see rain when the moon is a bowl. But when one side tips up, all the rain will pour out. I noticed last night that the slightly thicker crescent moon was starting to tip. The morning air feels like rain is coming in a day or so. Thick and fragrant.

Guess we will see!

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