Thursday, April 9, 2009

Full Moon

The red buds are almost in bloom. I believe they are waiting to show off Easter morning.

The plum trees lost the top third of their blossoms, but the middle part is loaded. The cherry tree seemed to survive the freeze, at least for the most part. The peach is iffy. I see some little teeny babies. I think we did not lose all of its fruit.

We gave thanks the other morning when we saw the temperature only dropped to 30 degrees instead of the 24 that was forecasted.

Spring is forcing her way into our valley, ready or not. The grass is getting nice and thick. We were quite pleased to see the difference in this week's butter. Golden! The eggs are so orange! You should hear the animals munch. If you sit in the pasture with the sheep you can hear the most steady comforting sound. Warm sun. Chomp. Chomp. Chomp. I do believe it could be used as high blood pressure medicine it is so calming.

The peepers at night are just as medicinal for me. Rachel came in this morning and mentioned how weird it was to wake up in the night to quiet. We have been hammered by wind, barking dogs, coyotes and other howling noises for a few nights. It was so silent. I hope the quiet lasts for a night or two. Right now the guineas are settling in. Peepers make great accompaniment to Andrew Peterson. Time to hit the sack. I feel a bit lost since I just finished rereading Anna Karenina. If I weren't so tired I would love to discuss Levin and agriculture and peasantry farming and spirituality. I love Tolstoy. Will read a Donald Hall essay instead. And listen for the moon.


Beth said...

I love the sound of spring peepers. I wish I could hear the sheep munching grass in the warm spring sun---it must be very calming.

Happy Easter!

CountryDew said...

Happy Easter! Lovely post.