Friday, January 16, 2009

Now it is REALLY cold!

Well, Kevin Myatt, our weatherman friend, was correct. The pond is surely frozen enough for ice skates. Too bad it is too cold to go and use them.

The temperature outside this morning was aproximately 5 degrees below zero. The temperature inside was aproximately 42 degrees above zero. It is a bit challenging to keep an old farmhouse warm when the temps drop below 20 degrees. I am so thankful that Thomas outgrew his fleece-lined jeans last year. They are quite cozy!

There are people who live in temperatures far more radical than our little cold snaps. They adapt and survive just fine. Guess I am happy to live right here. It won't be too long till spring is springing, frogs will be singing and all this arctic blast will be a faint memory. Til then, we will give thanks for the pile of firewood, the fireplace and woodstove. And fleece-lined jeans.


Tom Atkins said...

I've lived in drafty old houses for many of my adult years, and you are right, in this kind of cold they are hard to keep warm. But this will soon pass, and as you say, warmth will return.

Anonymous said...

That is the very reason why your Mom lives in Texas where I think it is cold right now at 44 degrees at 7 p.m. Tomorrow will be much warmer. I think y'all are where you are supposed to be, me too.

CountryDew said...

We lost our power Friday night - we heat with electricity. That was fun, with the thermometer on -2!