Sunday, January 18, 2009

Character Building

Milking a cow in 24 degree weather is much more pleasant than milking in 5 degrees or below. Just thought you might want to know that little piece of information!

Rose has been out on the frozen pond or creek every day, practicing her ice skating til she has bloody blisters on her ankles. I can't wait to see who adult Rose will be. She is so persistent. When she decides it is time to learn something, she goes out and works and works. I look out the window and see her cautiously moving across the ice, arms out for balance, teetering, tottering, falling down, getting back up, not a grimace or a groan. I am very proud of her perservering spirit. It will serve her well. I would be happy for the cold to last long enough for her to become proficient, to master some cool moves, or at least manage a race around the pond.

It makes me happy to see those brown ice skates get such a workout. We bought Maggie and Rose their Christmas skates at a little antique shop in Salem. Maggie's skates look pretty contemporary. Rose's are brown and tan. Serious leather. I wonder who wore them? When? Did they go out day after day, getting bloody blisters on their ankles, falling, getting back up? I wonder if they have fond memories of those cold days on the pond? I hope so.

Rose inspires me. I hope I will remember to keep on this week when I feel out of balance and fall down and want to quit. Maybe I had better take a picture of Rose in her new skates to remind myself.

BTW, Maggie and Patrick had to endure the pain and agony and loss of dignity a few years ago. You should seem them glide now!


Josepha said...

Shalom Ginger and all ice-skate lovers on landuvmilknhoney,

In Holland we had a very cold period for about 10 days and people here were also on ice outdoors. There were marathons and the people enjoyed themselves on the ice under a clear blue sky and -10 Degrees Celcius.

Enjoy the cold.
Miss you all,

Love, Josetta

Tom Atkins said...

Perseverence is such a powerful trait. I am glad you recognize it and encourage it in Rose!

CountryDew said...

Your family sounds so wonderful. I'm sure Rose will grow up to do anything her heart desires. said...

Thanks! I agree we do have a wonderful family! A little rough around the edges. Too many opinions! Even so, I am certain they will all figure out how to survive this hard cold cruel world.