Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The wind shifted.

Around 3 this afternoon we were still at the dining room table working on our school work. The curtains were opened and we noticed very dark blue clouds blowing through the sky. It got dark outside and the wind began to pound the windows and doors.

The reason we were still working on schoolwork this afternoon was I let the children play outside for an extended lunch break. It was almost balmy. I am glad they had an early playtime. Noone wanted to go outside in the fearsome wind after 3pm this afternoon.

When winter comes knocking on the door, we take notice and pile the wood on the fire. She is so bold. I got a nice message from our church friend and local weatherman, Kevin Myatt. He told me that the girls should get their ice skates ready. Cold weather may be sticking around long enough to freeze the pond. I guess they will be happy. Not me. I don't much care for ice-skating. I'm from Texas. I think I will enjoy watching them via the kitchen window, cup of coffee in hand.

When you snuggle under warm quilts tonight, and when you get up and have your warm breakfast, let's remember to pray for those who are having a hard time staying warm. Now would be a good time to share extra coats and blankets. The heating assistance program is a good way to share as well. I feel certain that God will show each one of us the one little thing we could do to make a difference in someone's life...

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CountryDew said...

I really dislike the wind. I was up most of the night listening to it rattle the windows. :-(