Monday, January 11, 2016

Carne Guisada, Tacos, Venaison en Bourgogne, Steak, Stuffed Peppers, Curried Venison, Venison Bone Broth, Yummy Meaty Bones for Brownie and Blackie

Patrick pulled the ginormous industrial strength meat grinder out of the closet. With three and a half deer to butcher, looks like we could use her awesomeness.

We sharpen knives. We don aprons. We pull out very cold, very large quarters of venison. We turn on Pandora to the Bach station. Light conversation accompanies knife work.

We are slow. We wish Daddy were here with his flashing knives! Decades of practice for him. A handful of years for me. Patrick's first time to wield a knife on a deer carcass.

I tell him that slow is okay, especially as we wish no injuries to accompany this harvest.

A girlfriend pops in earlier in the day. "Wow, people sure do love you guys!" she says, as she looks at the amount of meat waiting to be processed.

And don't you know I know it.

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Anonymous said...

Your father was sure wishing he could be there to help you. Patrick got some good learning about meat processing tho. I know he was a good help for you.