Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Blanket of White

Yesterday I had to bundle up in many layers to head up the mountain to a job. I went out to the orchard and veggie gardens I help maintain and snugged the beds with agrobon in preparation for the cold snap to come. As I worked, fingers growing numb, the snow began to fall. At first tiny little specks. In an hour thick fluffy flakes that quickly covered junipers and live oaks and yucca and agave. Even the grasses were frosted by the thick layers. Instead of the vineyard, I moved to indoor tasks, working away while the snow came down, delivering a nice dose of moisture and nitrogen. All organic!

How lovely it is to live in a place where one day I can work in short sleeves, the next, enjoy a winter wonderland of quiet, cushioned cozy comfort, reading in front of the fire, and today, the sun is shining brightly, melting away the winter blanket, giving me hope that the dark will not last forever.

Have you gotten the idea that I absolutely love where I live? The mountains outside my window have fluffy shawls of cloud and a slight powder sugar dusting. By noon the skies will be clear and by tomorrow my yard and gardens will be moist, and I will be grateful for temperatures back in the 70s. Isn't it wonderful that the world has so much diversity and something for everyone?

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