Friday, September 7, 2012

Texas is a very big state

Patrick and I drove back and forth to El Paso yesterday.  We took 90 west to I10.

I felt lucky to enjoy such amazing scenery. 


Some rocky and rugged, up close and personal.  Some soft and craggy and blue, decorating the horizon in the distance. 


Bigger than it has to be.  Bluer than it ought to be.  Filled with gigantic clouds, scudding along, amazing me.


Open range, dotted with cattle, mantled with grass, thick from the summer rains.  Yellow and green.  Tumbleweeds, creosote, agave and other cactus, dotting the terrain. 

I breathed in deeply, letting myself feel the enormity of the place.  Grateful to be home.

PS Is it any wonder someone decided to film Giant here back in the day?  Or that Donald Judd picked Marfa to be the setting for his minimalist art?  West Texas. 

PPS Long drives are great for chatting with kids.  It was a gift to be able to enjoy the company of my second son.  He shared with me some of his dreams.  We talked about college.  We talked about love.  We talked about loss.  What a privilege.  I sure am blessed by my kids.

PPPS  Thomas has called me on several occasions.  He tells me about the movies he is going to see at the local theater at the mall.  He takes a bus to town by himself.  He tells me he likes his classes and is making some friends.  He has passed dorm room inspection.  He must miss me a tiny bit, but not too much.  Can you believe I have a son living under another roof?  Crazy.  I think I had better plan a trip to New Mexico soon so I can hug his neck. 

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