Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday, or Rain, Rain, you really don't have to go away if you don't want to. We welcome you with open arms!

Alicia de Larrocha plays the piano on my ITunes.  The bakery smells warm and yeasty. 

It is late and I am tired.

Somehow a lot of bread and cookies and cupcakes and cardamom buns got cooked.  Several different grains were milled. 

Right now Kamut pasta dough is sort of the favorite child.  Well.  That and the cardamom buns.  Oh, and the Good for You Chocolate Cupcakes.  The ones that the kids say taste like something store-bought, which means they taste pretty darn good, if I do say so myself.  Not to mention the spelt chocolate chip cookies.  Can you tell that Alpine, Texas has a sweet tooth?

Personally I like the Seedy Grainy Milk and Honey bread made with over 7 grains, freshly milled of course, with lots of sunflower seeds, flaxseeds and rolled oats.

The rain was coming down when I woke up before 4 this morning.  It has come down most of the day, occasionally pouring hard.  Even now I hear sprinkles.  I saw flash floods come down Cockrell a few times.  The dogs are so spoiled to arid Texas life they fuss when I ask them to go out! 

Rose and Nora and I grabbed some goodies and walked to our dear friends' home for supper.  It is hard to leave the bakery with stuff unfinished, but oh, so good to sit at table with people we love for a bit.  Especially when we are surrounded by food here, but not by a meal!

I probably should have driven the three blocks, but after a day inside, I was desperate to feel some rain on my skin!  Somehow we didn't melt.

So now I put on labels and listen to piano and feel very tired.  But more than anything, I feel grateful for all these amazing grains and for my mill and equipment, and most of all for my customers who care about freshly milled kamut pasta dough and yummy whole wheat chocolate cupcakes that taste "store bought" but aren't full of yucky stuff, and hand-made, individually kneaded loaves of bread that satisfy. Tired.  Thankful. 

PS A minute ago I got an email from a customer with a picture of their supper.  Beautiful homemade spaghetti, that a few hours earlier was grain in a bag in my ingredient closet!!!  And a picture of their precious daughter eating that feast! 

PPS Earlier today, when I was in the thick of dough and flour and mess, some folks dropped in to say hi.  The husband grew up in this house.  He and his wife wanted to let me know they were happy I was able to buy the place.  Can you believe his dad got a start making his way through college baking bread and selling it?  The man who had this house built and was professor at the college up the hill?  Who has a complex named after himself?   I was kind of embarrassed because I was a mess and busy, but really, what a gift!  These folks know all about the apricot tree and figs and pecans and can tell you lots about the composting that went on in their childhood!  This town sure is full of stories.  I am glad to be a part of one. 

Well, market will happen, rain or shine.  No one I know will complain about the rain.  We will huddle together, thankful for customers who come bearing umbrellas!

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