Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Quest?

Stir-fried vegetables and leftover roast made for a delicious supper. With some roasted sweet potatoes on the side. Almost everything grown by new farmer's market friends.

Kids were running in different directions, so I took my plate out to the backyard with a book. Nora helped herself to applesauce and went to the swing. Rose popped out eventually, with a nice big bowl of carrots and cucumbers and some newly purchased Organic Hidden Valley Ranch dressing.

"Is this dressing gone bad?" she asked. "What is wrong with it?"

I don't buy Ranch dressing very often, but the kids love it so when I saw the Organic version on the shelf last week, I thought it would be a nice treat.

I told Rose that the only thing wrong with the dressing was that it wasn't filled with toxic chemicals. She and Nora asked if I would please purchase them some toxic chemicals to put on their organic carrots and cucumbers.

Hmmm. Maybe we will have to try a homemade version...

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Anonymous said...

Ginger, I really enjoy reading your blog. It soothes me thinking of the simplicity of your life (I'm sure that it can be fraught with chaos at times, however).

I dream of making loaves and loaves of bread. Somehow my dough never rises well, but that could be the humidity here in Galveston.

Today, I was listening to NPR's Fresh Air program where they were highlighting the poet Marie Howe. Her poem "What the Living Do" reminded me of the poetry of your blog. Here is the link and the excerpt is about half way down the page. I hope it gives you a little respite and food for thought. Happy weekend!