Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm Rich!

Rich in grains, that is.
My ship came in, well the shipment arrived around noon on an Old Dominion truck that pulled up next to my carport.

He called just as we were finishing up Bible study and I hopped on my bike and raced back home.

Fifty bags of grain is a lot of weight lifting. The driver asked me by phone if I had a forklift to pick up the pallet. I tried not to laugh too hard.

My friend drove over and between the her, the driver and myself, we knocked the job out pretty quickly. I pulled some bread out of the freezer to tip the driver for his help.

I do feel rich as I look at all that organic grain, ready to mill into tons of loaves of bread. Well, at least a ton and a half of bread, give or take. Please God, let there be plenty of customers.

Now to find a source of local honey...

PS, it is nice and breezy today and quite warm. The sun is shining, but in a distinctly October way. My mom and I always notice that the sun has a different look in October. Fall. Welcome! It will be really fun to bake when you bring us some chilly weather!


NancyDe said...

Happy Baking! I wish I lived close enough to buy your bread!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, was wondering today if the grain would be coming in tomorrow, it came just right.
I have noticed the sky too, always different somehow. love Mom

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

I know what you're talking about because, as you know, I lift grain for the horses. But I never get more than a dozen at a time. Ew, fifty. You must be exhausted! But it feels good to be stocked up, doesn't it?

Where are you storing all that grain?