Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Thistle didn't make it through the night. We didn't think she would. But we are glad we did what could be done to give her a chance.

Since the other goats show no sign of distress we are curious as to what happened. Why did she not go drink? We wonder if she ate a poisonous weed? Sometimes you just don't know.

Otherwise, all animals seem healthy at the moment. I hope they stay that way. We will miss seeing Thistle on the farm.


Chris said...

Sorry about Thistle. I lost my original poodle, so sad, and then another got sick. I flew to the vet, fearing bad news but she is ok now.

We enter these relationships with animals knowing full well we'll probably outlive them. In all it seems so worth the heartache.

gingerhillery@mac.com said...

Thanks, Chris. Interestingly enough, the kids have not been sad over her death. I guess it sounds cold-hearted, but after losing a spouse and a father, everything else is in a different perspective. Of course, it might just depend on the day or the week. If something happened to Coco or my cat or our dogs, it would be quite a blow.

You are right that it is worth it to enjoy our animals and our relationship with them.