Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Indian Summer

Seventy five degrees today. Short sleeved weather is a treat after several days of non-stop woodstove action. I had an order for six dozen loaves of Milk and Honey bread so the day began even earlier than usual.

Not too fun to wake up before three am, but the benefit was seeing the glorious sky sparkling with diamonds. The stars were so bright and clear.

The wind howled throughout the night, and I guess she is responsible for blowing in this lovely weather.

Thank you, Wind. Seems as if you have calmed down. I wonder if you will be back again this evening, moving the warm weather somewhere else? You guys can stick around for a couple of days. Really.

PS I forgot to mention a terrific gift we received the other day from our friends, the Guzo's. FIVE free range, healthy, happy plucked and ready for the oven chickens.

YUM. They were so beautiful, I had to cook one the next day for my supper. Have you ever had chicken that has never been frozen? It is soooo good. Tender and luscious. I cut the bird down the breast, heated up an enameled cast iron skillet, put in some coconut oil (works better with high temps) then placed the whole chicken, smashed flat, skin side down, onto the very hot pan. While the skin began to sear, I smashed some garlic and scrubbed a bunch of parsnips. When the skin was brown, I flipped the chicken over, meat side down, and put the parsnips and garlic and plenty of sea salt under and around the bird. Cooked it another few minutes at high heat (all this time with a lid on, since it is very messy otherwise.) I turned the oven onto 450 degrees, then placed the whole pan in, now with no lid. In minutes, the chicken was done to perfection, juicy. Parsnips were caramelized, creamy flesh, sweet, with a nice crusty skin.

I can't tell you how good that dinner tasted to me at the time. Nora and I ate our meal, watching Heidi, as the other kids were out. We gave thanks for our dear friends, the Guzos. What a blessing to enjoy food raised by our friends.

PPS I ate the whole bunch of parsnips, all by myself. Thank goodness Nora didn't like them. What a treat. I am roasting some more for our dinner this evening. Seasonal eating is the way to go...

PPPS Just so you don't get any grand ideas or anything, I should confess that as much as I love real food, organic living, seasonal menus, etc, I love my fried chicken and french fries as much as the next junk food junkie. I can't help it. So REAL FOOD most of the time, to leave room for some junk food occasionally.

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