Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Warm Front?

When I went out to milk I put on Philip's big green parka. It has been so cold I know I must be prepared. What a surprise to be met by warm moist air. The temperature is around 42-45 degrees. Warmer than it was 6 hours ago. Maybe it will rain. I hope so. The children will be very sad. The pond was frozen enough to walk on yesterday. Not anymore.

The deer hanging on the deck should be fine overnight. Will have to butcher it tomorrow. Weather dictates much of the flow of life on the farm. I remember the ritual of the weather report on the tv every morning and evening of my childhood. The weatherman seemed like a family friend. He let us know if we needed to cover up our plants, hang out the laundry or not, or travel with extra blankets.

We don't have a tv to watch the weather. We do hit the weather forecast in the daily paper, the Roanoke Times. We love to read our friend, Kevin Myatt's weather columns in the same paper. Supposedly we are going to have a nice warm day tomorrow, but this warm spell won't stick around for too long. Just long enough to force me to go into butcher mode.

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CountryDew said...

It was almost too hot to sleep when I went to bed last night. I just hope we don't all catch pneumonia!