Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday nights

The final loaves of swedish rye are finishing up in the oven. The house smells heavenly. For months I have tried to get rye berries to mill and bake. They finally arrived. The regular milk and honey bread is finished. Pancake mix, cornbread mix and brownie mix milled, bagged and waiting for labels. I found a rye cracker recipe to try. We are happy with it. Now we have some homemade healthy crackers to enjoy with our goat cheese. Hope our customers will like them as much as we do.

The moon is full tonight but I haven't seen it. Haven't stepped outside once. On baking days Patrick milks Coco in the morning. Philip will milk her tonight because I am beat. I miss the outside. I look outside a lot on baking days. The sunrise was lovely. The pond is dark green. Not full, but definitely looking better than before the rain.

Priscilla is back home. I was happy to see her as I looked out the window. She is Rose's heifer. Priscilla went to the Stump's farm next door to visit with their angus bull. We hope she will have a baby end of next summer.

I am too tired to think straight. The bread is almost ready to come out of the oven. I hope it blesses and nourishes the people who eat it. Am thankful we have bread. And beds. And woodstoves. And men who cut the wood and split it, and boys and girls who light the fires. Seems like a long time ago I was thankful for Friday night dances and being young and able to stay up very late at night. 10pm seems awfully late these days! Good night!


~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Your blog touches my heart. I miss baking bread for my husband.
xoxo nita

hollywould said...

i can't wait to be on the farm! i have christmas presents for everyone!

Tom Atkins said...

So often your words touch something deep, and I can't explain why. Something from my past I am sure, but vague, and warm. Thank you for taking the time, even when tired, to write. said...

Thanks for the sweet comments.

Going Crunchy said...

Thanks for the stop by. I'm likin' yor words too!

Yum, can I come sit in your kitchen while you bake!