Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fall is Upon Us

The mornings are cool. No, make that downright chilly! Yesterday after our homeschool coop classes we went to a friend's house to pick and process apples. Thomas is the premier apple peeler/slicer/corer. Patrick and Maggie took turns helping at the apple cider station. The rest of us helped make apple pie filling, applesauce and other good stuff. We drank lots of cider. Ate plenty of popcorn. Came home with a couple of big buckets of apples and will repeat the previously mentioned steps this afternoon. Of course we had to make apple cider doughnuts for breakfast.

Rain is hopefully coming this evening, so Rachel and Maggie are working on planting some things in the garden. Thomas is splitting wood and Patrick is cleaning out the chicken coop. After breaking up one argument too many, history lesson became physical fitness/home economics/chain gang. I can get them back into history as we move back to apple processing.

The little girls will shell blackeyed peas for me and I will try to can a few jars of tomatoes before the apples take over the kitchen. The black cherry-jalapeno sauce is such a hit I hope to make a few more jars of it. Philip and I had some with our grass-fed brisket the other day. YUM.

The figs are ripe. What joy! The tree is loaded. I hope we will have some fresh ones with fromage blanc and honey for a treat this afternoon. Or for lunch. Or something. Just so long as we eventually find a recipe for homemade fig newtons for Philip, my promise.

My very favorite time of year. All we need is a fire in the fireplace and life will be complete!

Thanks be to God for harvest time. And friends and family to share it.

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CountryDew said...

What a myriad of activities you have going on there! You are truly a 21st century farm family.