Monday, February 1, 2016

Sunlit, Windy, Blowing Dust

Yes, the temperature is in the 70's. But the wind is stirring up a dusty haze that blurs the mountains. Stirring up allergies as pollen is blown hither and thither. I believe the wind is blowing in a cold front. Which is normal this time of year. We greet each other in the store, at the post office and grouse about the wind. We crinkle our foreheads, frown, peer at the haze. It seems to be a cultural ritual, this need to complain about the unpleasantness!

So. To be grateful.

I am grateful for the interesting way the wind has of changing up the day. I love the wind in that it is so easy to personify her. Sometimes mild, at times temperate or flirty. A gentle tease, a blasting hurricane force with which to reckon.

She is grumpy right now. That's okay.

I still love her! Before you know it, she will have done her work, and will be ready to settle down into a much more gentle dance. But how would the rains ever come, or the cold be blown away if she never did her job?

That said, today's meditation will definitely take place INSIDE my house and not on a dusty, blowy mountain top.

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