Monday, September 28, 2015

The Lunar Eclipse

Last night I arrived home, right as the full moon made her way up the sky.

Nora and Rose sat with me for awhile as we watched the darkness overtake the big fat moon. Her brightness was diminished, bit by bit. We wondered about the people of long ago who were so connected to the natural world, no Facebook to check, no phones to ring. No Youtube videos to distract.

We wondered if they were frightened to see the darkness eat up the moon. Did they think that something bad was going to happen? Gloom and doom seem to find their way to the front of our imaginations if we let them.

As the eclipse progressed, the light shone out, faintly, dimly, but surely showed itself. A breeze cooled the air and I went in for a sweater.

I said a prayer for the many who feel the darkness trying to smother them. I prayed for the light to shine through and give them hope. I made a wish that we would not lose heart when darkness came along, but would see it as a time of ending and beginning, of growth, of resurrection.

Some newspaper this morning said that 1982 was the last time there was a supermoon eclipse. Last night was truly lovely and seemed auspicious, a sign of good omen, instead of bad. I felt hopeful watching it, making my wishes.

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