Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Yesterday started out hot and sticky.  With an eery looking sky.  The wind blew away the hot and the sticky and brought with it cool and electric air.  And rain down south.  I had the opportunity to practice not envying when a couple of customers told me that it rained for an HOUR at their places.  I made myself be very thankful for them.  Which wasn't hard at all, because I truly was thankful for their rain.  The air smelled so fresh and alive.

Today I walked through the yard after getting the mail.  I picked some late blooming jonquils, a couple of clusters of violet-hued desert mountain laurel, and the very first yellow rose!  What a fragrant boquet enhances our messy kitchen.  Most everything feels better with a bouquet of freshly picked flowers on the table.


Laura: One Day At A Time said...

Ahhh. This is just happy. Makes me smile and imagine I can smell the fresh air and flowers even though it's dark out and I'm sitting inside (and the only thing to smell is my dog!)

Chris said...

Oh yes! When I'm readying for a party, the first thing I do is make flower arrangements. That way maybe people won't notice how much cleaning didn't get done. :)