Thursday, October 25, 2012


Yesterday I got an invitation from a girlfriend to join her and another couple of friends downtown for a little respite and hangout time.

Patrick started supper, I finished it, then headed out to hop on my bike in the cooling evening air. 


Maggie had taken my bicycle to cross country practice.  Because mine is better.  I could have taken the car or her bike, but a walk seemed so enticing.

Twenty minutes later I reached my destination, almost breathless, but not quite. 

We chatted.  We laughed.  A few more folks joined our little group and stories were shared all over the place.  The evening came on and it was dark when time to walk home.  The air was cool and I felt glad to live in a place where I could easily walk from downtown to my house after hanging out with some friends, knowing my kids were safe and sound.

My gal friend walked her bike up the hill with me as we continued our conversation.  We paused to say goodbye at the intersection and a brilliant shooting star streaked across the velvet sky. 

Had I driven, or even biked, I probably would have missed that sweet little gift.

Thank you God for the lovely night sky.  Not to mention all the other things I appreciate so much-like my kids, my friends, my sweet little town.



Chris said...

Ah the Orionids! I saw a few very early Sunday morning. Small town life sounds lovely.

Four said...

Small town life sounds lovely.

Andy said...

saw a few very early Sunday morning

kahi-un-kahi- said...

so nice blogger ilike it.....