Thursday, September 15, 2011

Showers of Blessing

Crashing thunder, cracking lightning woke me in the wee hours this morning. Oppressive heat of the afternoon was replaced with cool wind and the smell of high desert rain, perhaps my favorite smell of all time.

Thunder continues and the rain pours down this morning and my skin soaks up the moisture. The trees in the yard are gently waving their uppermost branches, as if in a grateful dance of praise and worship, drinking in the gift. Water accumulates in low spots of the yard and I can't help but imagine the ducks from the farm and how they would love to splash and play. Perhaps the human duckies will want to splash and play once they get home from school. That is, if the water doesn't all evaporate by that time!

Can't wait to see all the high desert blooms that miraculously appear once they get a little drink. Phenomenal, really, the ability to hold on to life in a drought, yet summon up enough energy to bloom with the slightest of showers. Cenizo, the silvery barometer bush blooms a lovely lavender flower. Ocotillo, a crazy stick that reaches 8 feet tall, throws out green leaves and a gorgeous red flower on the top. The creosote casts her perfume for miles!

I think there is a message here for me, somewhere. Am feeling rather dry and bloomless right now. Tired of trying to figure out how to get the bakery going, how to be a good single mom, how to juggle two properties. How to navigate new relationships, missing my friends and all the old ways. I believe I will pray that God would give my soul a good watering. That he would show me what would cause me to feel refreshed so I could muster up a bloom. Perhaps sitting still and enjoying the smell, feel and sight of this rain is a good start.

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