Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The 50's are oh, so yesterday.


Warm breezes blew away the sunshine and then decided to chase right after it. The cold north wind has settled in, glacial skies have been spitting flakes at us, but nothing substantial.

Dulce and Carmelita are frisky, romping to and fro on the lawn. Priscilla is still suffering from the edema, but Patrick is faithfully tending her, morning and night. He has a real knack with that cow. He is the only one who can get her to put her horns through the stanchion. He perches on a milking stool his grandpa built for us and massages and attempts to loosen up the udder. The barn cats are thrilled to be the recipient of all his efforts. How long until her udder is back to normal?

Patrick and I will be heading to our second class of the Grower's Academy. We will hopefully learn everything we need to know about starting seedlings for market production.

Brr. Better put on another layer.

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