Friday, June 19, 2009


Holly arrived for her visit yesterday.

Holly is my partner in culinary crime. Right now, as the loaves are rising and baking, Holly and the girls are driving to WV to pick up our pork. What a relief. I suppose we will have pork this weekend.

Last night we had salmon. Wild caught and bought at Trader Joe's when I was in NJ. We don't eat fish very often. Maybe someday we will expand the pond and try bass or perch. This week we had salmon, encrusted with sesame seeds and pan-fried. We braised baby turnips in ginger, garlic, soy sauce, rice vinegar and a pinch of sweetener. When almost tender, we threw in some of the Depret-Guillaume's peas and a generous glug of toasted sesame oil. Holly chopped up some shiso from the garden and tossed that in with the rice. She made an asian salad dressing to go with our fresh lettuce-lemon, rice vinegar, minced garlic and ginger, toasted sesame oil, red pepper flakes, sea salt. It was SOOOO good. Unfortunately, most of the kids liked the peas and turnips and the fish. Except for Nora. She brought some peanut butter to the table. I didn't mind because I ate her share. What was left of the salad I consumed for lunch today.

I think the turnips braised in butter and garlic were better, but the ones we made last night managed to disappear quite quickly. We will have more ripe in a few days. Wonder if Holly will still be here? Creamed turnips for the next go round?

PS: Say a little prayer for Thomas. He walked out the front door and got nailed by some very nasty hornets. Hornets don't like hot steamy thunderstormy weather. They went straight for him and worked him over. Patrick ran outside and got some plaintain, chewed it up and we applied it to the stings. For good measure I gave him a couple of benadryl pills as well. He is sleeping it off, so I think he will be fine, but we were a bit scared for a few minutes. Guess what Philip will be working on this weekend?

PPS: I have to brag on Philip. He took the not working dishwasher out, took parts off of it that did work, reassembled another non-working dishwasher and got it up and going by 12:30 last night. He is a very clever man. I really appreciate how hard he works to take care of us and to keep things running around here. I am grateful that our children get such a good example.

Better check on the bread.

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